Lambda Literary review: “Well researched, engaging narrative”

Lambda Literary’s just-posted review of Imagining Gay Paradise emphasizes the flow of colonial and global cultures that have helped to create gay spaces and places in Southeast Asia, which is one of the major plotlines in the book. The reviewer, Rachel Wexelbaum of St. Cloud State University, particularly notes the accounts of King Rama VI in early 20th-century Siam, Walter Spies in Bali in the 1930s, and Stuart Koe in Singapore in the past decade. (She calls Stuart’s achievements the “happiest” story in the book which “helped start a movement in Singapore to abolish the old sodomy laws and promote LGBT tolerance”.) While she has a few constructive criticisms to make of my writing, Wexelbaum pronounces Imagining Gay Paradise,  a “well-researched, engaging narrative” — and appropriately notes that there are many Stuart Koes in Southeast Asia today “shaping unique LGBT communities and overthrowing centuries of colonial abuse.” To read the entire review, you can click here.

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