Chapter Excerpts to Read


Click below to read excerpts from chapters of Imagining Gay Paradise (or simply use the drop-down menu on the header)

Prelude: Letter from the Surabaya Jail

At the End of Empires: Siam’s King Vajiravudh and The Triple Supremacy of coerced Romantic Heterosexual Monogamy (from Chapter One, “The Triple Supremacy)

Bali’s Aesthetic Paradise and Triple Taboo of Fraternal, Homosexual Non-Monogamy (from Chapters Eight and Nine, “The Triple Taboo” and “A Pivotal Year”)

Thailand’s Sexual Paradise Babylon and Babylon The Sauna (from Chapter Fourteen, “Men of the Feast”)

Singapore’s Cyber-Paradise Fridae and Singapore’s New Nation (from Chapter Thirteen, “Nanyang Family,” and Chapter Twenty, “A New Nation”)




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