“A sweeping yet intimate construct”

The latest review of “Imagining Gay Paradise” is in Mandala. It’s an online academic journal so put on your thinking cap if you read it. But the writer has done an interesting job dissecting the book’s theme about the search for gay home in Southeast Asia and relating the theme to various “cultural memes. Of course, I best like the part where the reviewer refers to “the brilliance of the sweeping yet intimate construct of the book.” Click here to read the review. 

Bali launch successful

Thanks to everyone who came to the successful Bali launch of “Imagining Gay Paradise.” All the books I took in were so quickly claimed that we couldn’t even stock the Periplus outlet at the Writers and Readers Festival — which, by the way, was an amazingly extensive set of multi-day panels, special events, other launches and, of course, writers’ parties. The interest in one of the book’s main characters, Walter Spies, remains strong … as it does in the main theme of the book: the search for gay home.