Email the author, Gary L. Atkins: or contact him via his author’s Facebook page or the Imagining Gay Paradise Facebook page. Learn about Gay Seattle: Stories of Exile and Belonging.

View more photographs of King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) at Wikimedia Commons.

Learn more about Walter Spies and Bali: An online gallery of his paintings compiled by scholar Geff Green, a You-Tube video about his life by one of his biographers John Stowell, additional photographs at Wikimedia Commons.

Learn more about Babylon Bangkok: The Babylon “where arts, sex and love converge”, the Babylon You-Tube Channel (you’ll need “mature” access for this one!)

Follow Stuart Koe, founder of His S2 website

View the successor to,

Buy Imagining Gay Paradise from, Barnes & Noble, Columbia University Press, Hong Kong University Press, Silkworm Books, Kinokuniya Thailand, Kinokuniya Singapore, University of British Columbia Press, Eurospan

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Imagining Gay Paradise: Bali, Bangkok, and Cyber-Singapore

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